How Social Media Influencers Can Help A NGO in Form or Charity

Funding resources are limited in Non-profit firms when compared to corporate sectors, so NGOs need special strategy to raise funds or awareness. There are many organizations doing awesome charity work, but with lack of marketing strategy they are hardly known. In fact, 92% of NGOs use content marketing, but only 26% believes that their strategy is effective. There are many issues such as lack of budget, time and marketing knowledge and also unable to create engaging content can lead to low success rate of their campaigns.

Like any other sector, NGO also need to determine the market, target audience and volunteers while making a plan. Here social media influencers can be great in spreading awareness and bringing any brand into limelight. That’s why we see many charity organizations and NGOs are behind these influencers who can help them the most in creating buzz. When a recommendation comes from an influential person, the general mass is motivated to help NGO in form of charity or sharing the cause further. These social media influencers know the best tactics of gathering new supporters in order to assist them in doing the best for their mission.

How Social Media Influencers help NGOs?

Helping Through Blogs/Website – Social media influencers generally have a blog where they update interesting content and then share further. Here, they can talk about program objective, news, success stories, current affairs and promote the cause of any NGO they are involved with. Influencers can add photos, videos and resources so that the content becomes engaging and sharable for readers. For getting higher traffic and audiences the writer must share about how the donations are been used and how they accumulated the funds. It would be interesting to interview donors and volunteers where they can share their thoughts and feelings and inspire other people to act on the cause. At the end of each blog, influencers can add a “donate link” for readers who are interested to support the NGO and help the community to grow.

Spreading the Word on Social Networks – Influencers are social by nature; they spend most of their time on social networks. That’s why many NGOs in India ask help from bloggers, Twitter users and other expert digital journalists to build audience and credibility within digital realm for their community. 78% NGO worldwide agree that social media is effective for online fundraising. Here are some ways influencers can raise funds online through social networks:

  • Facebook – Use Facebook to tell people that you are raising funds for a good cause and ask fans and followers to join NGO community page. Ask your audience to share their ideas and thought about the cause. Mention your fundraising success stories, challenges and achievements to encourage supporters.
  • Twitter – Twitter today is the most effective tool for fundraising campaign. Social media influencers generally have large number Twitter followers, who tend to follow their recommendation. When they #hashtag an NGO campaign, the message reaches to national and international audiences. And when it is retweeted by others the number multiples and the organization cause is promoted in no time.
  • Pinterest – Social media influencers can pin the NGO cause and create a board for the fundraising campaign. They can further pin the blog posts, flyers, logo, events and ask supporters pin for the same.
  • YouTube – Videos are more captivating when compared to plain content, so influencers can create a video to promote NGO campaign and upload the same on YouTube. Videos can be about fund raising requirement and impact of the same on the community. Or it could be about how served funds helped the cause and result of fundraising.

Doing Guest Posts/Case Studies – Doing a guest post on popular blogs and website can be another way how social media influencers can help NGO. Writing meaningful and to-the-point article is the key when doing a guest post. It need not be a lengthy one but surely has to be powerful for grabbing reader’s attention. The NGO guest blog post should explain fundraising objective, mission and reason for supporting the community. Make sure there is a form or a link within your blog post so that audience is routed to the NGO community or cause. Also doing a case study on cause, action and benchmark achieved can build credibility among audience. Just make sure the case study is available for scan!

Designing an Email Campaign – According to 75% regularly send email updates to donors and supporters. Small NGOs have an average of 6,035 subscribers. Medium NGOs have 55,596. Large have 357,714 subscribers. While NGO may send emails to their subscribers, asking influencers to do the same can augment the numbers. Influencers have their own set of subscriber’s dump who are regular readers and visitors of their site. When s/he sent out an email campaign or newsletter about the cause they are supporting, it will encourage new supporters and audiences.

Asking No Compensation – This is by far the best way to help an NGO – asking no compensation for job they are doing. Many influencers expect something in return when dealing with companies or brands, but when it comes to NGOs compensation can be easily avoided.

Additional Tip – How NGOs can find Social Media Influencers?

Finding right social media influencer can be a tough job, however NGOs can do little bit of research for locating them. LittleBird, inPowered, and GroupHigh have reliable databases for locating influencers based on geography, topical authority or other circumstances.  Influencer networks are another popular method because they come from influencer agencies, PR firms, ad agencies, and start-ups. Also check out Marketplace like TapInfluecne where influencer’s activity of interest is already listed, so it becomes easier for NGO to find an appropriate social media influencer.

Finally, the process has to be fun, not a chore kind off. NGOs need not force people to blog or share if they hate it. Social media influencers are of different kinds, some may love to work for you while other might not get engage in your network. So the key to find the right influencer, evaluate their work, build relationship and then implement your action plan.

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